Our First Month at Casa Halcon


We have now, after 7 months sleeping on the floor, graduated onto proper beds (to be fair, the rented apartment had of course beds but just a bit too soft for Nigel’s back). We have also moved into our main bedroom on the first floor with the big window and lovely views overlooking the olives trees and terrace. I still have to pinch myself if this is real or just a dream.

We have painted our entrance and the former Puppy Palace has now been transformed into a hen house, awaiting our flock of egg-producers. Sofie is now the size of a Rottweiler and not even nine months old.

There is still much to do. The ensuite-bathroom needs tiling where the concrete bath has been removed and some of the downstairs terrace tiles have to be re-laid, the house needs painting from the outside and some decorating including hanging of curtains and blinds has to take place. We just want to see how the sun affects the different rooms before deciding on shutters, curtains or blinds. Doors need to be resized and hung upstairs and we are waiting for the carpenters to do that and work on the walk-in wardrobe. We will get there, step by step.

We have also finally met our neighbours and even been invited to a birthday party. This was a big step into integrating into the wider community and we enjoyed talking to different people. The neighbour’s mares and foals are now grazing our finca. These are beautiful creatures and it is a pleasure seeing them wandering contentedly amongst the olive trees or cantering about like wild horses.