Welcome to my site!     Please join me on our adventure in Andalucia.

This blog is a continuation of my travel blog ‘fromirelandtospain’ or ‘Nigelika-on-tour’, which described our search for a new home in Spain. We travelled a lot in 2017. Starting in March we packed the Toyota Auris full and took the ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg. After crossing through France, we drove from San Sebastian to Catalonia, visiting many places and even doing a stint of woofing near Beguda, Olot.

We then drove west, more or less along the coast, avoiding big towns. We love the countryside and wanted to experience real Spanish hospitality. We did another spot of woofing in the Sierra Nevada near Buquistar, Travelez. And from there we went all the way to nearly the border to Portugal, Huelva province. In Matalascanas we decided to  take a closer look at the wonderful beach and stayed a bit longer, resting our weary bones and giving the Toyota also a well deserved break.

This is where we met Cristobal, our estate agent. He showed us what is now our new home, a 5 ha olive finca near Almonte. It took nearly a year until we moved here. Between returning to Ireland, visiting family in Canada and arranging to rent our houses, it was September when we arrived back in Matalascanas. There we rented an apartment for what turned out to be six months. In the meantime we started work on the olives, pruning and harvesting and learning. Learning lots. Every day.

And working hard, also every day.

And now we have moved into our lovely countryside residence, called Casa Halcon, Falcon House, because the falcons are nesting in the round window at the front. Last year and also surprisingly this year, even with all the disturbance of us also living here.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Henk Peters February 21, 2020 / 6:25 pm

    I want to camp on Finca Casa Halcon in sept/okt. I don’t know the exact date.
    I travel alone with car and caravan. I cannot find an e-mail address from the finca because I have some questions. Can you send me an e-mail address?
    I think I want to stay one week or perhaps more.


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